Sunday, 20 July 2014

MH 017: All Alone

          As our hearts go out to the families of the victims of MH017, I cannot but feel deep disappointment –yet again- with the main stream media.
          As was the case with MH370 a few months ago, the MSM seem more interested in turning all of those families’ grief into ratings and newspaper sales, than in asking the difficult and relevant questions.
          Like: Why is nobody talking about the possibility of an air-to-air missile?
          Like: How can this bloody war be stopped at once?
          Like: What’s going to prevent this from happening again?
          Like: What are these ‘world leaders’ marching us towards with their macho talk?
          The MSM claim to know who pulled the trigger.
          At this point, I distrust anything they seem to state with apparent conviction.
          They turned the previous Malaysian disaster into a circus and they’re doing it again.
          Is it any wonder the MSM is on the backfoot with newspaper sales dwindling and more and more people turning away from corporate outlets?
          It is sickening to see blood-soaked headlines on tabloids seeking to capitalise on this atrocity.
          When it comes to the media asking the right questions, we’re all alone.
          When it comes to governments and the media preventing wars rather than fuelling them, we’re all alone.
          But when it comes to grieving the innocent victims of military brutality, people stand together; because human lives are what really matters to us; and there are many guilty parties and no easy answers.

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