Thursday, 4 June 2015

Alpha State


Spent, still leaking love,
naked prayer for new child joy.
I succumb pillow-deep, though I try…
Freefall opens my third eye.
Like fireworks, birds fly.
Starlings burst into darting flowers,
capillaries flood out,
dancing up,
like lit ashes from a pyre.
I aspire,
to burn slow;
to warm up some;
share tiny flame.
Finally learn your name.
Towering over my ant’s viewpoint,
trees, branches and little bone joints.
We are small, so small…
I internalise… the wonder.
Soon as,
blood pounds artery-bound,
the base of my skull shakes
with hammering cannonball sound.
Wishing to stay,
I wake… instead,
back in bed.
Alpha State.
Copyright © Francisco Rebollo 2015

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