Sunday, 18 May 2014

Humans are not a Resource

Dear HR department,


Humans are not a resource

To be taken ‘on board’ like ballast, then ‘cut’ like a tree;

A ‘redundancy’ to be ‘let go’ of
like a bad memory.


We’re not like fuel or bricks, or a bunch of fire sticks,

We’re not a ‘head-count’ and your buzzwords make me sick.

We’re not your property and our bodies are not machines,

Our minds are not hard drives; they’re oceans full of dreams.


Humans are not a resource

You may not contact me when you wish,

You may not 'geo-tag' me or even keep me on a leash.


We’re not a ‘work-force’; ‘heads’ on ‘posts’ to fill your needs,

We’re actually people trying to feed our fucking kids.

Because we’re not ‘stakeholders’ with whom you can ‘engage’,

Don’t you tell me to think ‘outside the box’ so you can keep me in your cage.

Dear HR department, 

I'm not here to be ‘used’, ‘recycled’, ‘redeployed’ or made unemployed:

Humans are not a resource and I’m not your errand boy.


Copyright © Francisco Rebollo 2014.

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