Tuesday, 24 June 2014


You’re eyes are closed but I know you can see in the night,

When there is no light that can shine and the outshine God’s favourite star;

Start to realise that your eyes have just opened and now stare at mine,

I can see that the light’s in your eyes heart then the shining is mine, all mine.

Crazy but I understand.


Your lips are still like shield left afield in the still of the quiet night

And the silence is smiling a savouring smile;

One of love and warmth like the kind in your touch when your lips are on mine,

And a whisper unfolds from the sight then the silence is mine, or thine.

Crazy but I understand.


And it’s all because of you:

That I’ll sing ‘till the break of the day, for you;

And I’ll sing ‘till the end of the world for you.


Years have gone by and the danger of dying young’s gone

A long time ago, somehow we never made it whatever that meant

But I won’t forget what you taught me by always living for yourself

As today I’m alive and I live only for those I love; and love life.


Crazy but I understand.

Do you know what I mean?
Copyright © Francisco Rebollo 2014


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